Camping Isola del Paradiso

The campsite “Isola del Paradiso” is an island located in the middle of the Grado Lagoon, peerless thanks to its surrounding natural view. As the name “Paradiso” (“Paradise”) suggests, our campsite is an uncontaminated location, suitable for people in search of peace, relaxation, hospitality and that want to get in touch with nature.

This little natural oasis, mostly covered by grassy land and thick vegetation, is perfect to reestablish the pleasure of the real camper, who doesn' t need too many splendors.

A small private street allows to reach the island, which is only 5 km far from the beautiful city of Grado and 4 km from the famous archaeological site of Aquileia. Both of the locations can be reached by bike, thanks to the cycling lane “Grado-Palmanova”.


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